Endo What – The Movie

Thanks to a friend’s Facebook post, at the beginning of this year, I came across a TED talk with Shannon Cohn (The Speech). This is how I found out about the movie „Endo What?” that she together with her husband, Patricio, produced.

An idea came to my mind: to find the way to screen the film for the audience in Romania. Hence, on January 12th I wrote an email to Shannon asking her, kindly, to offer me a discount for the screening rights. I got a prompt reply and this is how our collaboration in sharing the insights of this educative, straightforward movie begun.

The first time I saw „Endo What?” I was surprised on how well Shannon and her team captured in only 52 minutes all the major aspects to be known about the disease affecting approximately 176.000.000 girls and women on the planet: Endometriosis.

My best friend, Stanca, helped in translating the film and creating the Romanian subtitles. Until today, the film has been screened twice in Bucharest, on February 2nd at Commons, and on March 30th at Pavesiana.

The feedback got from the attendees (both women and men) was great! Even though for some, the information wasn’t totally new, the way the movie is structured helped them better connecting the dots. It is truly a film „to educate & put power where it belongs – in the hands of girls & women.”

After the 2nd screening of the film, few days ago, seeing the interest of the participants, I sent a message to Shannon and Patricio asking them for an advice on how we could offer the content to as many Romanian as possible with a special price. Patricio answered immediately and created a 50% discount coupon you can use when buying the digital version of the movie. This special code is: SOSENDOMETRIOZA and is already available on EndoWhat.

I would like to mention that the funds they raise by selling the movie are the only source of financial support to keep filming the second documentary and to keep raising awareness about the disease.

Thank You, Shannon & Patricio for your work!

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